Required documents

Name in Katakana

If six months have passed since either the issuance date [許可年月日] on your residence card or the effective date[資格取得年月日 or 適用開始年月日] on your health insurance card, you'll need to scan and upload a document with your full name (your official name on your residence card including middle name) in Katakana.

For example, you could scan your:


Please do not upload documents with "My Number"(a 12-digit ID number issued to all citizens and residents in Japan) .


We need your full name in Katakana to open your account. Your Katakana name on the document you chose needs to be same as your English name on the residence card. If it is different, please write your full name in Katakana on a paper and scan this paper instead.

Why this information is required

Your name in Katakana is required for some banking procedures such as fund transfers in Japan.
To make things easier for you, we will register your Katakana name with the document uploaded.