Required documents

Residence card

The residence card, or in Japanese the zairyu card (在留カード, ざいりゅうカード) is a personal identity document for mid-to-long-term foreign residents in Japan.

Foreign nationals permitted to stay longer than three months will receive this card right after arriving in Japan.



Points to note


  • To open an account, your current address needs to be same as the one written on your residence card. If you have recently moved, please visit your local municipal office to get the address on your card updated.
  • Special permanent residence certificate will not be accepted as a form of identification when applying to open an account via our English Open Account app. If you are a special permanent residence certificate holder, please complete account opening procedures via our Japanese language website.

Why this information is required

By scanning your residence card, we can verify that you're a resident in Japan. Your information can be entered automatically to save you time.