Yen deposit

This guide provides you with the necessary information on yen deposit. Learn more about Sony Bank's yen savings account, our most basic bank account. Here, you can gather information on who can own an account, deposits, withdrawals, and more.

1. Yen savings account

Your yen savings account provides a convenient way to manage your daily financial needs, such as simple payments, fund transfer and cash withdrawals. Please see below for essential details on your account.

Who can own an account

Anyone who is an individual customer and living in Japan is eligible to open and use a yen savings account. You cannot open more than one yen savings account. If you plan to leave Japan permanently, you are required to cancel your account before your departure.



Minimum deposit amount/unit

1 yen or more / 1 yen unit

Deposit limit and period


Account maintenance fee


Cash card

Sony Bank WALLET (Free)

Depositing money into your account
Withdrawing money from your account
Interest rate

As of the interest on Yen savings account is %. This variable interest rate can fluctuate over time.

Interest rates are annual interest rate and before tax. Interest will be taxed at 20.315% (15.315% national tax, 5% local tax), including special income tax for reconstruction, until December 31, 2037.

Transaction history

You can check your transaction history details on our Online banking.

Deposit insurance system

Your yen savings account is covered by deposit insurance. The combined principal of yen savings account and yen time savings account (information in Japanese only) up to the amount of 10 million yen, and the interest on the principal is protected.

Available time

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Please note that our Online banking will not be available at specific times due to system maintenance. To learn more, please check System maintenance time.

More details

Detailed Description of Yen Savings Accounts