Account opening

This guide explains how to open an account using our app. To open a Sony Bank account with the Open Account app you should be an individual customer, over 20 years old and living in Japan. The app can only be used in Japan.

  • No one besides the account holder can apply to open an account
  • You cannot open more than one account

Confirm you have all necessary documentation for your application

1. Account Opening flow

If you want to open an account, you'll need to download the app and enter your information to receive your Sony Bank WALLET (Cash card with Visa Debit) and token (One-time password generator) by mail.

Step 1: Install the app

Download and install the free Open Account app on your smartphone.

Download on the App Store
GET IT ON Google Play

After you have downloaded and installed the app, the following app icon will appear on your smartphone.

Open Account

Data communication fees may apply when downloading and using the app.

Tablet device is not eligible.

This "Open account" app is not available outside of Japan. Therefore, if you are temporarily staying outside of Japan, please apply after return to Japan.

  • This Open Account app can be downloaded from Apple Stores and Google Play in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Brazil, China, South Africa, Sweden, India, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.
  • If your Apple ID is registered in a country or region other than those listed above, please create a new Apple ID or change your Apple ID country or region to Japan. For further details, please refer to Apple Support.
  • If you are registered with Google Play in a country other than those listed above, please create a new Google account or change your Google Play country to Japan. For further details, please refer to Google Play Help.

To Japanese customers

This Open Account app is designed for foreign residents in Japan. For Japanese customers, please press the button below, to open your account from our Japanese language website.

Step 2: Enter your information

After launching the app on your smartphone, you'll be required to scan the necessary documents and enter your customer information. The process takes around 20 minutes. It's important to complete it in a single session and not abort mid-process, as your information will be lost otherwise. Also, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or have a strong mobile data connection.

Step 3: FATCA and Tax Residency (CRS) Confirmation

Case 1.
If the account opening application and supporting personal identity documents you submit to Sony Bank contain information that indicates that you are or could be a U.S. person, we will send you a [W9] FATCA Self-Certification Form and a [CRS] Tax Residency Self-Certification Form. When you receive the forms, please immediately fill them out and return them to us.
Case 2.
If you have jurisdiction of residence in any country other than Japan, please fill out the self-certification form, fully listing your jurisdiction(s) of residence and taxpayer identification number(s) for each jurisdiction, then submit it to us.


  • If the completed forms fail to arrive at Sony Bank by the due date specified in the cover letter, your application to open an account will be canceled.
  • Furthermore, applications to open an account from anyone who refuses to cooperate with FATCA/CRS confirmation will be denied.
FATCA - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act -

FATCA is a U.S. law enacted in 2013 to prevent avoidance of U.S. taxes by concealing funds in accounts opened at financial institutions outside the U.S.

CRS - Common Reporting Standard -

CRS (Common Reporting Standard) is an international standard set out by the OECD to enable the tax administration in each jurisdiction to obtain reports of information from financial institutions located in their jurisdiction about the financial accounts of non-residents, and automatically exchange that information with other jurisdictions.

Step 4: Receive your Sony Bank WALLET and token

Sony Bank will send you a confirmation email about 2 to 4 days after your online application is completed.

Please note that your account will be canceled if your Sony Bank WALLET (Cash card with Visa Debit) is not delivered within three months of us opening your account.

Sony Bank WALLET

You'll receive your Sony Bank WALLET (Cash card with Visa Debit) about 10 days after we have processed your application and opened your account. Your card will be sent by "Japan Post Simplified Registered Mail".

If you're not home at the time of delivery, Japan Post will leave an "Undeliverable Item Notice". In this case, please request re-delivery or pick up the mail at the post office. For more information on how to schedule a re-delivery, please go to the Japan Post website.


You will receive your Token (One-time password generator) about 3-5 days after we have opened your account. Your Token will be mailed separately from your Sony Bank WALLET, and will be delivered to the post box at your home address. In some cases it may arrive after your Sony Bank WALLET.

The first time you sign in, you need to choose a Transaction PIN and register your token. For more information, check Getting started.

2. Required documents

Scan your documents

You will have to scan and upload three documents:

  • Residence card
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Business card or a document with your full name in Katakana
  • Please do not upload documents with "My Number".
  • Special permanent resident certificate is not eligible.

The set of documents you will need for your application will be different based on how much time has passed since the issuance date on your residence card or the effective date on your health insurance card.

Residence card

Your residence card should have your current living address. If your address is different from what is written on the card, go to the local ward office to update your address on the back of your card.



Health insurance card

Your health insurance card should have your current address on the back. If your address is different from what is written on card, update it if is missing or write it yourself in English or Japanese.



In Japan, there are two types of health insurance cards; Social Health Insurance Card and National Health Insurance Card.

Business card

You'll need to scan your business card with your full name in Katakana to prove that you are working in an office in Japan. If your full name in Katakana is not printed on the card, you will need to add it by handwriting it on the card.

Name in Katakana

You'll need to scan and upload a document with your full name in Katakana. It can be any document; like a business card, postal mail or even a simple piece of paper with your name handwritten in recognizable characters.

3. Required passwords

Set your passwords

When opening your account, you'll need to set the passwords below:

Sign-on password

6-8 alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9).

You'll use it every time you sign in to our Online banking.

Cash card PIN

A 4-digit number

The Cash card PIN is required when using Sony Bank WALLET at ATMs in Japan.

Visa Debit PIN

A 4-digit number

The Visa Debit PIN is required when shopping at stores where Visa Debit card payment is accepted and ATMs outside Japan.

Your Visa Debit PIN can't be changed after setting. You will need to apply for a new Sony Bank WALLET and will be charged 1,650 yen (consumption tax included).

For all passwords, avoid using a series that is easy to guess by others, such as a series of consecutive numbers, your account number, registration information, or a number sequence related to your date of birth.

For more information, please check Passwords & PINs.

4. Terms and conditions

Please be aware that by applying for and opening an account with our Open Account app you agree and confirm our privacy policy terms and conditions